Keep your office team looking at their best with the Altitude range of Shirts and Blouses. From Long Sleeve Shirts to Shorts Sleeve Shirts you are sure to find what you are looking for in this range.  Altitude has a range of Office Shirts , Pit Shirts as well as Bush Shirts. Cape Town Clothing can brand the Altitude Shirts with your company logo. So see which shirts you like , send us an image of your logo , tell us how many shirts you need and Cape Town Clothing will quote accordingly.

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To get a quote , simply send an e-mail to:

On this page you can view the Altitude range of shirts and Blouses which includes to following styles:

DSS Denise Short Sleeve Blouse

DSL Denise Long Sleeve Blouse

JSS Jeff Short Sleeve Shirt

JFL Jeff Long Sleeve Shirt

DAG Dallas Long Sleeve Shirt

DLA Dallas Long Sleeve Blouse

RTL Rita Long Sleeve Blouse

RAN Randal Long Sleeve Shirt

RSS Rita Short Sleeve Blouse

RAS Randal Short Sleeve Shirt

GRA Graduate Short Sleeve Shirt

LPR Prestige Blouse

PRS Prestige Short Sleeve Shirt

PRL Prestige Long Sleeve Shirt

HAR Harry Casual Short Sleeve Shirt

HAL Harry Casual Long Sleeve Shirt

SAL Sally Casual Blouse

LNI Leonie long sleeve blouse

LEO Leonard Long Sleeve Shirt

RBY Ruby Long Sleeve Blouse

RUB Ruben Long Sleeve Shirt

FSS Finlay Short Sleeve Shirt

FIN Finlay Long Sleeve Shirt

CLS Cedar Short Sleeve Blouse

CMS Cedar Short Sleeve Shirt

DLS Drew Short Sleeve Blouse

DLL Drew Long Sleeve Blouse

DRS Drew Short Sleeve Shirt

DRE Drew Long Sleeve Shirt

LOS Oxford Short Sleeve Blouse

MOS Oxford Short Sleeve Shirt

LOL Oxford Long Sleeve Blouse

MOL Oxford Long Sleeve Shirt

DIP Diplomat Long Sleeve Shirt

COD Cody Long Sleeve Shirt

TKR Tracker Short Sleeve Blouse

TLS Tracker Short Sleeve Shirt

TLL Tracker Long Sleeve Blouse

TML Tracker Long Sleeve Shirt

ROB Robertson Short Sleeve Shirt

DAL Daniella Long Sleeve Blouse

DAN Daniel Long Sleeve Shirt

RAL Racer Short Sleeve Blouse

RAC Racer Short Sleeve Shirt

PIT Pit Short Sleeve Shirt

DVD David Long Sleeve Shirt

VAS Vasbyt Short Sleeve Shirt

SKR Skrik Long Sleeve Shirt

TJS Tjerrie Short Sleeve Shirt

TJL Tjerrie Long Sleeve Shirt

PCS Princess Short Sleeve Blouse

PVC Princess Long Sleeve Blouse

Cape Town Clothing supplies and brands Corporate Clothing and Promotional clothing for the end user. This includes t-shirts , golf shirts , lounge shirts and blouses, pants , jackets , caps and work wear. We supply most major cities in South Africa including Cape Town , Johannesburg , Pretoria and Durban.