BO Men's Body Warmer is a fully padded and lined body warmer which has a full front zip. This body warmer has quilted padding and top stitching and a polar fleece collar trim which makes the body warmer both wind and water resistant. There is also a matching ladies body warmer which can be branded and is therefore ideal for use as corporate clothing.

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BO Men's black Body warmer

BO Men's Body Warmer - Black

BO Men's Body Warmer in Cobalt

BO Men's Body Warmer - Cobalt

BO Men's Body Warmer in navy

BO Men's Body Warmer - Navy

BO Men's Body Warmer in Red

BO Men's Body Warmer - Red

Size Specifications for the Men's Body Warmer

About the BO Men's Body Warmer :

The Body Warmer has a Nylon outer fabric.

This Body Warmer is lined and fully padded.

There is quilted top stitching on this body warmer.

The Body Warmer has in seam pockets that open with a zip.

There is polar fleece collar trim on the body warmer.

The Body Warmer is both water and wind resistant.

The Body Warmer can be embroidered with your logo.

There is a matching Ladies Body Warmer.

So why are body warmers so popular ? Well they are currently quite a fashionable item to wear , but they are also very practical. There are instances when you need to keep your body warm , but you do not want your arm movement to be restricted as it might be with a jacket. Often it is not cold enough to want to wear a jacket , but you would like to keep the wind off your body. Body Warmers are also available in various degrees of padding , depending on how much warmth you need. Many companies use body warmers as part of their corporate clothing as they help to promote your brand and provide that corporate identity for both men and ladies. You will be please to know that the BO Body Warmer is also available in a ladies cut , L-BO Body Warmer.