The Promogifts range of backpacks is worth looking at. There are styles like the Vancouver Shoulder bag , the New Jersey shoulder bag , the Anchorage Shoulder bag, the Quebec Backpack, the Trojan Backpack, The Eclipse Backpack , The Tornado Backpack. the Safari Backpack, The Nevada Backpack, The Hexagon Backpack, The Cobalt Backpack, the Apollo Backpack and trolley backpacks like the Elleven Tech Trolley Backpack, the latitude Tech Trolley Backpack, the Monaco Tech Trolley Backpack, the Enterprise Tech Trolley Backpack, the Challenger Tech Trolley Backpack and the Paragon Tech trolley backpack. Cape Town Clothing can brand these backpacks with your company logo. Send us your branding specifications , tell us which backpacks you would like us to quote on and also how many you need and we will quote accordingly.

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Cape Town Clothing can supply and brand all the Backpack in the Promogifts Backpack range including the following styles:

BAG-4005 Branson Tech Backpack

BAG-3638 Reno Tech Backpack

BAG-3026 Burbank Tech Backpack

BAG-3602 Pinnicle Tech Backpack

BAG-3601 Apex Tech Backpack

BAG-3004 Solstice Tech Backpack

SLAZ-003 Slazenger Basejump Tech Backpack

SLAZ-005 Slazenger Competition Tech Backpack

ZOOM-001 Zoom Daytripper Tech Backpack

ZOOM-002 Zoom Portal Tech Backpack

11-030 Elleven Motion Tech Backpack

11-026 Elleven Armour Tech Sling Backpack

11-017 Elleven Vapor Tech Backpack

11-001 Elleven Tech Backpack

BAG-3567 Paragon Tech Trolley Backpack

BAG-3600 Challenger Tech Trolley Backpack

BAG-3598 Enterprise Tech Trolley Backpack

BAG-3002 Monaco Tech Trolley Backpack

BAG-609 Latitude Tech Trolley Backpack

11-002 Elleven Tech Trolley Backpack

BAG-3056 Vancouver Shoulder Bag

BAG-3555 New Jersey Shoulder Bag

BAG-3543 Anchorage Shoulder Bag

BAG-3062 Quebec Backpack

BAG-3617 Trojan Backpack

BAG-3763 Eclipse Backpack

BAG-3740 Safari Backpack

BAG-3030 Silvermine Backpack

BAG-3690 Olympiad Backpack

GL-04 Sahara Backpack

BAG-3035 Nevada Backpack

BAG-4035 Hexagon Backpack

BAG-3685 Cobalt Backpack

BAG-4040 Apollo Backpack

BAG-3742 Enterprise Backpack