US Basics Overalls consits of a Handyman Dust Coat and two different Conti Suits. The Rigger Conti Suit is made of denim and the Workforce Conti Suit is made of poly cotton. You can view all three styles here and also check stock availability of the colour and sizes you require. Once you have made your selection please e-mail the style and images of what you need branded on the overalls to Cape Town Clothing

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Cape Town Clothing supplies and brands Corporate Clothing and Promotional clothing for the end user. This includes t-shirts , golf shirts , lounge shirts and blouses, pants , jackets , caps and work wear. We supply most major cities in South Africa including Cape Town , Johannesburg , Pretoria and Durban.

US Basics overalls consist of the following styles :

BAS-5172 US Basics Handyman Dust Coat

BAS-5171 US Basics Rigger Denim Conti Suit

BAS-5170 US Basics Workforce Conti Suit