Cape Town Clothing can supply you with a wide range of Hat and Cap , sun visor and Beanie. Cape Town Clothing has Baseball Cap , Snap Back Cap or Flat peak cap as well as Fidel Cap also know as Castro Cap. Get your Cap with embroidery or heat transfer Printed with your logo. Choose from our range of Bush Hat , Cricket hat and many more. We have Hat For Men , Hat For Women and even Hat For Kids . If you need Winter Hat ,we also supply Polar Fleece Beanie , Knitted beanie with turn up as well as skull beanie. Or contact us for Wholesale Hat. A branded hat and cap is a great way to use corporate clothing to promote your brand

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two tone snap back cap | corporate clothing | hat and cap


grey supa fit cotton spandex cap | corporate clothing | hat and cap



6 - panel baseball cap


5 - panel cap  

orange superior 5 panel cap | corporate clothing | hat and cap


5 panel polycotton cap

Active Sports cap 






Scarves and Gloves

Caps Direct range

Baseball Caps

Superior 5 panel cap
Superior 5 panel two tone cap
Platinum 5 panel cap
Promo 6 panel cap
Promo Sandwich cap
Classic 6 panel cap
Classic two-tone cap
Classic sandwich cap
Supa Fit cap

Fashion Caps

Snap Back cap
Trucker cap
Grey Melange Trucker cap
A-Frame Trucker cap
Fidel cap
Wave c ap
Frequency cap
Stitch cap
V-Slit caps
Electric cap
Vibe cap
Grand Stripe cap
Melange cap
Line Back cap
Tonic cap
Vista cap
Cruz cap
Boomerang cap
Sunset cap
Flash Cap
Midnight cap
Slick cap
Lynx cap
Gatsby Hat
Pashmina Scarf
Cuban hat
Panama hat
Fedora hat

Leisure Caps

Phoenix cap

Shady cap

Atlantis cap

Urban cap

Bush hat

Ranger hat

Weatherman hat

Sports Caps


Horizon Visor

Lecoste cap

Liberty cap

National cap

Putter cap

Sporty cap

Elite cap

Trainer cap

Fishermans cap

Magnetic cap

Cricket hat

Eagle cap

Industrial Range

Multifunctional Headwear (Buffs)

Plain bandanna

Panelled Bandanna

Americano cap

Shield cap

Vision hat

Winter Range

Skull beanie

Ice beanie

Alpine beanie

Aspen beanie

Aspen gloves

Aspen scarf

Blizzard beanie

Blizzard gloves

Blizzard scarf

Kidz Range

Superior 5 Panel kidz cap

Americano kidz cap

Pheonix kidz cap

Fisherman kidz cap

Cricket kidz hat

Kids Aspen beanie

Outdoor Range

Multifunctional headwear (Buffs)

Superior 5 panel camo cap

Trucker camo cap

Visor camo

Basic camo cap

Pixel camo cap

Fidel camo cap

Sunset camo cap

Fisherman camo cap

Bush hat camo

Ranger camo hat

HW013 - 5 Panel Trucker cap

HW001 - 5 panel cotton cap

HW002 - 5 panel contrast piping cap

HW003 - 6 panel brushed cotton cap

HW017 - 6 panel single jersy cap

HW014 - 6 panel Alloy cap

HW037 - 6 panel corner inset cap

HW016 - 6 panel flat peak cap

HW040 - 6 panel District cap

HW018 - 6 panel Trio cap

HW043 - 6 panel Division cap

HW019 - 6 panel Vibe cap

HW034 - 6 panel Podium cap

HW005 - 6 panel Canvas Binding cap

HW004 - 6 panel Sandwich peak cap

HW006 - 6 panel Supporter cap

HW015 - 6 panel Microfibre Stitch cap

HW028 - 6 panel base cap

HW038 - 6 panel Preston cap

HW035 - 6 panel Enzo cap

HW036 - 6 panel Sway cap

HW007 - 6 panel Pro Spec cap

HW041 - 6 panel Cruise cap

HW044 - 6 panel Axel cap

HW029 - 6 panel Nova cap

HW012 - Castro cap

HW020 - 6 panel Washed cap

HW045 - 7 panel Hazard cap

HW010 - 6 panel Reflective Binding cap

HW011 - 6 panel Reflective Edge cap

HW008 - 6 panel SA Swirl cap

HW021 - Arena Visor

HW025 - Fishing hat

HW024 - Outdoor hat

HW022 - Floppy polly cotton hat

HW023 - Bucket reversible cotton hat

HW039 - Hi-Vis Floppy hat

Beanies available from the

Barron beanie range

KN-2BE - Knitted two tone beanie

KN-BE - Knitted beanie

PO-BE - Polar Fleece Beanie

Caps available from the

Altitude cap range

5PP - 5 panel peak cap

ACE - Ace peak cap

BVS - Basic sun visor

CGR - Challenger peak cap

CHO - Choice peak cap

CLC - Classic peak cap

DAV - Davis peak cap

DNM - Denim peak 3 cap

DNM - Denim peak 4 cap

DEU - Deuce peak cap

DSP - Double Sandwich peak cap

FID - Fidel peak cap

FSH - Fresh peak cap

JAQ - Jaquard peak cap

J6P - Jozi 6 panel peak

LED - Led peak cap

MTR - Masters peak cap

MCH - Match peak cap

MFP - Micro fibre peak cap

NNP - Neon peak cap

ODP - Outdoor peak cap

PIP - Pippa peal cap

PCC - Polo peak cap

PBP - Pro basic peak cap

PBK - Pro basic peak kidz cap

QUD - Quad peak cap

RAR - Racer peak cap

SND - Sandwich sun visor

SSP - Single Sandwich peak cap

SLA - Slater peak cap

SPI - Spinner peak cap

STL - Stalion peak cap

TRC - Trucker peak cap

VEN - Venus peak cap

VID - Vida peak cap

VIS - Vision peak cap

WAS - Washed peak cap

Hats available from the

Altitude hat range

IDEA-8086 - Arumba hat

BAI - Bailey floppy hat

IDEA-8085 - Barbados hat

CCK - Bush hat

CMC - Camo collection 3 hat

IDEA-9195 - Cancun hat

IDEA-3574 - Clemenza hat

BAK - Kidz Bailey floppy hat