A very important part of our work wear range is our high visibility work wear. Most are available in Safety Yellow or Safety orange , but some of the High Visibility work clothing is also available in other High Visibility colors. The range covers High Visibility t-shirt and High Visibility golf shirt as well as a selection of hi vis shirts. Then there are the reflective bibs and High Visibility safety vest like the Highway Waistcoat. For cooler weather we also have a selection of High Visibility safety jacket as well as High Visibility Fleece Jacket and High Visibility Body Warmer. Most of the high visibility work clothing is available in a wide range of sizes from small up to 5-xlarge and Cape Town Clothing can brand the High Visibility work wear with your Company logo using either embroidery or screen printing. Tell us which High Visibility work wear you require ,how many you need and send us your branding specifications and we will quote accordingly.

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Hi vis workwear clothing is designed for safety by increasing the visibility of the wearer. A safety jacket or safety vest can make a huge difference for both day and night visibility and a construction vest which is light to wear can simply be slipper over your clothing without adding extra weight to your work wear . A safety vest with pockets for identification is also great for security and makes the high visibility work clothing serve more that one purpose.

Barron high visibility work wear :

B-BAS Basic safety bib

CON-WPVC Contract PVC waistcoat

CON-WAIT Contract waistcoat

CON-SSUN Contract safety sun hat

WC-HIG Highway waistcoat

WC-AIR Airfield waistcoat

CON-SVEST Contract sleeveless reflective vest

CON-LVEST Contract long sleeve reflective vest

TSST150BT Poly cotton safety t-shirt with reflective tape

WC-SIG Signal vest

HI-AVI Aviator golf shirt with reflective tape

HI-SUR Surge golf shirt

HI-NAV Navigator golf shirt

HI-RAI Raid golf shirt

MI-QUA Quarry fleece jacket

STN-JAC Stanley body warmer sleeveless jacket

FOR-JAC Force jacket

TAL Tailgate golf shirt

HI-PAT Patrol golf shirt

HI-TRA Transit long sleeve golf shirt

R-ELE Element rain suit

LO-SHA Shaft safety long sleeve shirt

CON-JAC Convoy jacket

FLE-JAC Fleet jacket

HAW-JAC Hawk Jacket

VEN-JAC Venture Jacket

BEA-JAC Beacon Jacket

CON3-JAC Contractor 3-in-1 jacket

BAR-JAC Barricade jacket

BLA4-JAC Blaze 4-in-1 jacket

Tuff-It high visibility work wear :

STS2 Classic high visibility t-shirt

STS1 High visibility t-shirt

HVG1 High visibility golf shirt

HVJ4 All weather flourescent jacket

HVJ1 High visibility jacket

HVJ2 High visibility parka jacket

HVJ3 High visibility spark jacket

Cap Addiction high visibility work wear :

CMK3 High visibility cap

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