Cape Town Clothing can supply you with a large selection of Jackets .You can choose from our large range of Ladies Jackets and Men's Jackets and Cape Town Clothing can brand your corporate clothing jacket with embroidery . See our range of Soft shell Jackets in a variety of colours.

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Cape Town Clothing supplies a wide range of corporate clothing and promotional clothing including chef wear like apron and chef jacket. Work wear like conti suit overall. For the office we have ladies blouse and men's shirt , golf shirt , hoodie , jacket and t-shirt. We also have a selection of hat , cap and beanie. We also offer a branding service with embroidery and screen printing being the most popular. We supply most major cities in South Africa including Cape Town , Johannesburg , Pretoria and Durban. Cape Town Clothing | Golf Shirt | t-shirt | Jacket | Embroidery | Cap | Hat

Cape Town Clothing can supply all the jackets in the Barron Clothing range :

DET-JAC Detroit Jacket

OKA-JAC Okavango Jacket

SF-JAC Stratford Jacket

ARI-JAC Arizona Jacket

BEA-JAC Beacon Jacket

BAR-JAC Barricade Jacket

BAS-JAC Baseline Jacket

RI-JAC Ridgeback Jacket

OAK-JAC Oakland Jacket

TR-JAC Trade Jacket

ASC-JAC Ascender Jacket

CA-JAC Capri Jacket

ZEN-JAC Zenith Jacket

EVO-JAC Evolution Jacket

PAR-JAC Paragon Jacket

EVOK-JAC Evoke Jacket

PEG-JAC Pegasus Jacket

FIN-JAC Finch Jacket

POR-JAC Portland Jacket

POL-JAC Weatherproof Polyamide Jacket

RAD-JAC Radford Jacket

CON-JAC Convoy Jacket

S-JAC Scout Jacket

MCO-JAC Mac Concealed Jacket

MCL-JAC Barron Mac Classic Jacket

WOO-JAC Woodbridge Body Warmer

BO Body Warmer

WES-JAC Westfield Jacket

ANG-JAC Angler Jacket

LALL-JAC Ladies All Weather Jacket

ALL-JAC Mens All Weather Jacket

UR-JAC Mens Urban Jacket

LUR-JAC Ladies Urban Jacket

TEC-JAC Mens Techno Jacket

LTEC-JAC Ladies Techno Jacket

BO-JAC Mens Hi-Tech Bomber Jacket

LBO-JAC Ladies Hi-Tech Bomber Jacket

LEPI-JAC Ladies Epic Jacket

EPI-JAC Mens Epic Jacket

ST-JAC Mens Studio Jacket

LST-JAC Ladies Studio Jacket

3-1-JAC Mens 3-in-1 Jacket

L3-1-JAC Ladies 3-in-1 Jacket

4-1-JAC Mens 4-in-1 Jacket

L4-1-JAC Ladies 4-in-1 Jacket

Cape Town Clothing can supply all the jackets in the Altitude Clothing range including :

RID Rider Body Warmer

LND Lando Body Warmer

OGW Ontario Gents Body Warmer

OLW Ontario Ladies Body Warmer

OSJ Oxford Sporty Jacket

MPJ Gents Pack Jac Jacket

LPJ Ladies Pack Jac Jacket

BLI Gents Blizzard Jacket

LBL Ladies Blizzard Jacket

CYC Gents Cyclone Jacket

LYC Ladies Cyclone Jacket

TPJ Trendi 2-Tone Jacket

TPJ Trendy Plain Jacket

SMJ Gents Softshell Jacket

SLJ Ladies Softshell Jacket

GLA Gents Glacier Jacket

GLL Ladies Glacier Jacket

AVG Gents Avalanche Jacket

AVL Ladies Avalanche Jacket

JET Jet Jacket

DES Gents Designer Jacket

LDE Ladies Designer Jacket

PLY Gents Plymouth Jacket

MEL Gents Melbourne Jacket

MEB Ladies Melbourne Jacket

TRJ Gents Trail Jacket

OUJ Gents Outback Jacket

ROY Gents Royce Jacket

TXN Gents Texan Jacket

AMA Gents Amazon Jacket

DEF Gents Defender Jacket

GJS Gents 3-in-1 Jacket

MAD Gents Madison Jacket

JNY Ladies Janette Jacket

MTW Gents Matthew Jacket

DRM Gents Original Drimac Jacket

LDJ Ladies Original Drimac Jacket

Cape Town Clothing can supply all the jackets in the Proactive clothing range. These include brands like :


Highland Brook

Global Citizen


JOW1MST John Waistcoat

JOW1MEL John Waistcoat

PAW1MST Paula Waistcoat

PAW1MEL Paula Waistcoat

FR1MST Freya Gilet

LUL1MST Lulu Gilet

LUL1MEL Lulu Gilet

PEJ4MST Peter Jacket

PEJ4MEL Peter Jacket

ROJ4MST Sosa Jacket long sleeve

ROJ4MEL Rosa Jacket long sleeve

ROJ4SPV Rosa Jacket long sleeve

ROJ2MST Rosa Jacket short sleeve

MSS1 Classic Softshell Jacket

LSS1 Ladies Classic Softshell Jacket

MFS1 Fusion Softshell Jacket

LFS1 Ladies Fusion Softshell Jacket

GMSS2 Zip off Sleeve Softshell Jacket

GLSS2 Ladies Zip off Sleeve Softshell Jacket

MBW1 Body Warmer

LBW1 Ladies Body Warmer

AWJ3 Tech All Weather Jacket

LAWJ3 Ladies Tech All Weater Jacket

AWJ202 All Weather Macjack

APJ1 Apex Jacket

VPJ1 Vortec Parka Jacket

MIJ201 Insulated Utility Jacket

PJU202 Padded Parka Jacket

HVJ1 High Visibility Jacket

HVJ2 High Visibility Parka Jacket

HVJ3 High Visibility Spark Jacket

FJK1 Freezer Jacket

Cape Town Clothing can supply all the jackets in the Corporate Uniforms range. These include :

JKT-TON Tony Jacket

JKT-04L Pioneer Jacket

JKT-01L Colmac Jacket

JKT-03L Hemisphere Jacket

LJT-03l Ladies Hemisphere Jacket

JKT-06L Adventure Jacket

JKT-011 Ecplorer Jacket

JKT-STO Storm Jacket

JKT-014 Summit Jacket

JKT-07L Country Club Jacket

JKT-08L Lightweight Golfing Jacket

JKT-KEN Kent Jacket

JKT-ERN Ernest Jacket

JKT-TRE Trent Jacket

JKT-012 Safari Jacket

Cape Town Clothing can supply all the jackets on the Promogifts range including the following brand names :


BIZ Collection



Gary Player

Cutter & Buck

BAS-819 Mens Miami Windbreaker

BAS-1007 Mens Cromwell Softshell Jacket

BAS-1008 Ladies Cromwell Softshell Jacket

BAS-3409 Ladies Attica Softshell Jacket

BAS-3408 Mens Attica Softshell Jacket

BAS-7783 Ladies Rego Jacket

BAS-7782 Mens Rego Jacket

BAS-2107 Mens Hastings Parka

BAS-2108 Ladies Hastings Parka

BAS-3407 Ladies Calibri Winter Jacket

BAS-3406 Mens Calibri Winter Jacket

BAS-7785 Ladies Astro Jacket

BAS-7784 Mens Astro Jacket

BAS-2109 Mens Montreal 3-in-1 Jacket

BAS-3405 Ladies Benton Executive Jacket

BAS-3404 Mens Benton Executive Jacket

BIZ-6501 Ladies Geneva Softshell Jacket

BIZ-6500 Mens Geneva Softshell Jacket

SLAZ-1003 Mens Trainer Jacket

SLAZ-7607 Ladies Trainer Jacket

SLAZ-5839 Ladies Greystone Softshell Jacket

SLAZ-5838 Mens Greystone Softshell Jacket

SLAZ-3216 Ladies Apex Softshell Jacket

SLAZ-3215 Mens Apex Softshell Jacket

SLAZ-817 Ladies Catalyst Softshell Jacket

SLAZ-816 Mens Catalyst Softshell Jacket

SLAZ-3223 Mens Junction Softshell Jacket

SLAZ-3225 Mens Austin 2-in-1 Windbreaker

SLAZ-3214 Ladies Apex Winter Jacket

SLAZ-3213 Mens Apex Winter Jacket

SLAZ-814 Mens Torque 3-in-1 Jacket

ELE-7305 Ladies Maxson Softshell Jacket

ELE-7304 Mens Maxson Softshell Jacket

ELE-4024 Mens Jozani Hybrid Softshell Jacket

ELE-4025 Ladies Jozani Hybrid Softshell Jacket

ELE-4022 Mens Iberico Softshell Jacket

ELE-4023 Ladies Iberico Softshell Jacket

ELE-4015 Ladies Ferno Bonded Knit Jacket

ELE-4014 Mens Ferno Bonded Knit Jacket

ELE-4019 Ladies Kitulo Hybrid Softshell Jacket

ELE-4018 Mens Kitulo Hybrid Softshell Jacket

ELE-4021 Ladies Katavi Softshell Jacket

ELE-4020 Mens Katavi Softshell Jacket

ELE-4017 Ladies Moritz Insulated Jacket

ELE-4016 Mens Moritz Insulated Jacket

ELE-7306 Mens Norquay Insulated Jacket

ELE-7307 Ladies Norquay Insulated Jacket

ELE-5610 Mens Scotia Light Down Jacket

ELE-5611 Ladies Scotia Light Down Jacket

ELE-4028 Mens Balkan Insulated Jacket

ELE-4029 Ladies Balkan Insulated Jacket

GP-4154 Mens Muirfield Jacket

GP-4155 Ladies Muirfield Jacket

GP-7453 Ladies Laurel Oak Softshell Jacket

GP-7452 Mens Laurel Softshell Jacket

CB-5806 Mens Drytec 1/4 Zip Edge Jacket

CB-5807 Ladies Drytec Full-zip Edge Jacket

CB-7250 Mens Mirage Softshell Jacket

CB-7251 Ladies Mirage Softshell Jacket