Cape Town Clothing has a range of Mens Trousers and Mens Shorts as well as Mens Jeans. We also stock a range of Ladies Pants and Skirts for all your staff uniforms, Our mens range includes Cargo Shorts and Bush Pants.Cape Town Clothing also has a range of chef baggy pants.

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Mens Pants 


                                                                           Mens Denim Jeans 


                                                                             Mens Shorts  


Ladies Pants




Cape Town Clothing can supply all the pants in the Barron Clothing range. These include......

Barron Ladies Pants

LP-SS Ladies Statement Stretch Pants

LP-CR Ladies Statement Crop Pants

LP-SC Ladies Statement Classic Pants

LP-DEN Ladies Original Stretch Jeans

Barron Mens Pants

PA-CLA Men's Statement Classic Pants

MS-TR Men's Statement Trousers

PA-UCH Men's Poly Cotton Chino

PA-CHI Men's Cotton Chino

PA-5CH Men's 5 Pocket Chino

PA-CAR Men's Cargo Pants

PA-COM Men's Commando Pants

PA-BRI Men's Brickdale Pants

P-DEN Men's Original Jeans

BWJ Men's Barron Workwear Jean

P-RET Men's Retro Jean

Barron Men's Shorts

PS-CHI Men's Bermuda Shorts

PS-BOU Men's Boulder Cargo Shorts

Cape Town Clothing can supply all the pants in the Proactive Clothing range . These include .......

Oakhurst Ladies Pants

LBT1 Ladies Bengaline Pants

LJF1 Ladies Denim Jeans

Duchess Ladies Pants

PAP4MST Patricia Pants

PAP4MEL Patricia Pants

PAP4SPV Patricia Pants

SAP4MST Salis Pants

SAP4MEL Salis Pants

BEP4MST Berlei Pants

BEP4MEL Berlei Pants

TEP4MST Terry Pants

Oakhurst Men's Pants

PVT3 Men's Classic Trousers

JFP1 Men's Classic Jeans

CPF3 Mens Polycotton Chinos

Mens Vangard Trousers

PHR4MST Men's Phillip Trousers

PHR4MEL Men's Phillip Trousers