Cape Town Clothing can supply and brand your corporate clothing Shirt and promotional shirt for you. Our shirt range is vast and includes Men's Shirt , Ladies blouse and a small selection of Kids shirt. Use our range of Shirt to create a powerful image for your front line staff and to promote your brand. You can view some of the Shirt in our range below or you can click on the catalogue links supplied to see the wider range available. Cape Town Clothing can also Brand your Shirt with embroidery or screen Printing.
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Bush Shirts

Pit Shirts 

red and black ladies pit shirt



black and grey pit shirt



navy and white ladies pit shirt



royal navy white pit shirt



red black granite ladies pit shirt




Pilot Shirts / Security Shirts 


Lounge Shirts  - Poly Cotton

Lounge Shirts  - 100% Cotton

Shirts from the Barron clothing range

LO-TR     Men's Trail Lounge Shirt
LLO-TR   Ladies Trail Blouse
LO-OUT  Men's Outback Shirt
LL-OUT   Ladies Outback Blouse
LO-BOM Men's Boma Shirt
LL-BOM  Ladies Boma Blouse
LO-BUSH Men's Plain Bush Shirt
LL-BUSH  Ladies Plain Bush Shirt
LO-BUSH Men's Two Tone Shirt
LO-FRO   Frontier Shirt
LO-BUN   Bundu Shirt
LO-HIK     Hiker Shirt
LO-MAI     Maintenance Shirt
LO-DAY   Daytona Shirt
LO-RA     Men's Racing Pit Shirts
LL-RA      Ladies Racing Pit Shirt
LO-PLA   Basic Poly Cotton Lounge Shirt
LL-VOG   Ladies Vogue Blouse
LO-BAR   Men's Barista Lounge Shirt
LL-BAR   Ladies Barista Blouse
LO-OX     Men's Oxford Lounge Shirt
LO-CHA   Men's Chambray Lounge Shirt
LO-QU     Men's Quest Lounge Shirt
LL-QU      Ladies Quest Blouse
LO-TWILL Men's Brushed Cotton Twill Shirt
LL-TWILL  Ladies Brushed Cotton Twill Blouse
LO-CIT      Men's City Shirt
LL-CIT       Ladies City Blouse
LO-ONY    Men's Onyx Lounge Shirt
LL-ONY     Ladies Onyx Blouse
LO-MA      Men's Maitre D Lounge Shirt
LL-MA       Ladies Maitre D Blouse
LO-PI        Men's Pioneer Check Lounge Shirt
LL-PI         Ladies Pioneer Check Blouse
LO-CI        Men's Civic Lounge Shirt
LL-CI         Ladies Cicic Blouse
LO-TS       Men's Top Stitch Lounge Shirt
LL-TS        Ladies Top Stitch Blouse
LO-CEN     Mens Century Lounge Shirt
LL-CEN     Ladies Century Blouse
LL-SP        Ladies Stretch Poplin Blouse
LL-ES        Ladies Essence Blouse
LL-CO       Ladies Corporate Blouse
LO-PIL      Pilot Lounge Shirt
LO-LE       Legacy Check Lounge Shirt
LO-SA       Saddle Stitch Lounge Shirt
LO-MC      Metro Check Lounge Shirt
LO-PR       President Stripe Lounge Shirt
LO-DEN     Men's Denim Shirt
LO-TRI      Trinity Lounge Shirt
LO-CA       Cambridge Lounge Shirt
LO-MAN    Manhattan Lounge Shirt
LO-CON    Continental Lounge Shirt
LO-FUS     Fusion Lounge Shirt
LO-LIB       Liberty Lounge Shirt
LO-CIR      Cirrus Lounge Shirt
LO-UN       Union Lounge Shirt
LO-DE       Denver Lounge Shirt

Shirt Brands available from
Cape Town Clothing :





US Basics

Biz Collection


Shirts from the Proactive Clothing Range :

MWS1 Classic Woven Shirt - Short Sleeve
MWS2 Classic Woven Shirt - Long Sleeve
MWS3 Woven Microcheck Shirt - Short Sleeve
MWS4 Woven Microcheck Shirt - Long Sleeve
WSC202 Woven Chambray Shirt - S/Sleeve
WSC203 Woven Chambray Shirt - Long Sleeve
WSC204 Three-Tone Small Check Shirt - S/S
WSC205 Three-Tone Small Check Shirt - L/S
WSC211 Three-Tone Large Check Shirt - S/S
WSC212 Three-Tone Large Check Shirt - L/S
MWS5 Vertistripe Woven Shirt - Short Sleeve
MWS6 Vertistripe Woven Shirt - Long Sleeve
WSC206 Two-Tone Bush Shirt
WSC213 Woven Pit Crew Shirt
MWS7 Dynamic Woven Shirt
WSC207 Woven Denim Shirt - Short Sleeve
WSC208 Woven Denim Shirt - Long Sleeve
LWC201 Ladies Woven Chambray Shirt
LWS1 Ladies Classic Woven Shirt - S/Sleeve
LWS2 Ladies Classic Woven Shirt - L/Sleeve
LWS3 Ladies Microcheck Shirt - Short Sleeve
LWS4 Ladies Microcheck Shirt - Long Sleeve
LWS5 Ladies Vertistripe Shirt - Short Sleeve
LWS6 Ladies Vertistripe Shirt - Long Sleve
LBS1 Ladies Classic Bush Shirt
LWS7 Ladies Dynamic Woven Shirt

Shirts from the Elevate Clothing Range :

ELE-4010 Mens Short Sleeve Ralston Shirt

ELE-4011 Ladies Short Sleeve Ralston Shirt

ELE-4009 Ladies 3/4 Sleeve Ralston Shirt

ELE-4008 Mens Long Sleeve Ralston Shirt

ELE-4013 Ladies Long Sleeve Sucamore Shirt

ELE-4012 Mens Long Sleeve Sycamore Shirt

ELE-5615 Ladies Long Sleeve Preston Shirt

ELE-5614 Mens Long Sleeve Preston Shirt

Shirts from the Altitude Clothing Range :

Ladies Denise Blouse - Short Sleeve
Ladies Denise Blouse - Long Sleeve
Jeff Shirt
Ladies Mia Camisole
Ladies Pearl Blouse
Ladies Oxford Blouse - Short Sleeve
Ladies Oxford Blouse - Long Sleeve
Men's Oxford Shirt - Short Sleeve
Men's Oxford Shirt - Long Sleeve
Ladies Rita Blouse - Short Sleeve
Ladies Rita Blouse - Long Sleeve
Men's Randal Shirt - short Sleeve
Men's Randal Shirt - Long Sleeve
Ladies Sally Casual Blouse - 3/4 Sleeve
Men's Harry Casual Shirt - Short Sleeve
Men's Harry Casual Shirt - Long Sleeve
Ladies Daniella Blouse
Men's Daniel Shirt
Men's Cody Shirt
Ladies Cedar Blouse
Men's Cedar Shirt
Ladies Finlay Blouse - Short Sleeve
Ladies Finlay Blouse - Long Sleeve
Men's Finlay Shirt - short sleeve
Men's Finlay Shirt - Long Sleeve
Ladies Carter Blouse
Men's Carter Shirt
Men's David Shirt
Men's Kennedy Shirt
Men's Diplomat Shirt
Ladies Bourne Blouse
Men's Bourne Shirt
Ladies Ruby Blouse
Men's Ruben Shirt
Ladies Drew Blouse - Short Sleeve
Ladies Drew Blouse - Long Sleeve
Men's Drew Shirt - Short Sleeve
Men's Drew Shirt - Long Sleeve
Ladies Leonie Blouse
Men's Leonard Shirt
Ladies Hanson Blouse
Men's Hanson Shirt
Ladies Exclusive Blouse
Ladies Keylargo Blouse
Ladies Prestige Blouse - 3/4 Sleeve
Men's Prestige Shirt - Short Sleeve
Men's Pestige Shirt - Long Sleeve
Men's Graduate Shirt
Men's Robertson Shirt
Men's Pit Shirt
Ladies Racer Shirt
Men's Racer Shirt
Ladies Tracker Shirt
Men's Tracker Shirt
Ladies Princess Blouse
Men's Vasbyt Shirt - Short Sleeve
Men's Skrik Shirt - long sleeve
Men's Tjerrie Shirt - Short Sleeve
Men's Tjerrie Shirt - Long Sleeve
Men's Dexter Shirt - Long Sleeve
BAS-4761 Men's Safari Short Sleeve Shirt
BAS-4762 Ladies Safari Short Sleeve  Shirt
BAS-809 Men's Aspen Casual Short Sleeve Shirt
BAS-808 Ladies Aspen Short Sleeve Shirt
BAS-810 Men's Aspen Casual Long Sleeve Shirt
BAS-4764 Ladies Aspen Casual Long Sleeve Shirt
BAS-2102 Mens Washington Shorts Sleeve Shirt
BAS-811 Mens Washington Long Sleeve Shirt
BAS-812 Ladies Washington Long Sleeve Shirt
BAS-3424 Ladies Washington Short Sleeve Shirt
BAS-3422 Men's Huntington Short Sleeve Shirt
BAS-3425 Ladies Huntington Long Sleeve Shirt
BAS-3423 Men's Huntington Long Sleeve Shirt
BAS-3418 Men's Aston short sleeve shirt
BAS-3420 Ladies Aston Short Sleeve Shirt
BAS-3421 Ladies Aston Long Sleeve Shirt
BAS-3419 Mens Aston Long Sleeve Shirt
BAS-3416 Men's Kenton Long Sleeve Shirt
BAS-3417 Ladies Kenton Long Sleeve Shirt
BAS-903 Ladies Phoenix Long Sleeve Shirt
BAS-902 Mens Phoenix Long Sleeve Shirt
BAS-1009 Men's Pittsburgh Sriped lounge shirt
BAS-1010 Ladies Pittsburgh Striped Lounge Shirt
BAS-3414 Ladies Bayport Short Sleeve Shirt
BAS-3412 Men's Bayport Short Sleeve Shirt
BAS-3415 Ladies Bayport Long Sleeve Shirt
BAS-3413 Men's Bayport Long Sleeve Shirt

BIZ-3639 Men's Nitro Pit Shirt
BIZ-3640 Ladies Nitro Pit Shirt
BIZ-3627 Ladies Metro Stretch Shirt - Short Sleeve
BIZ-3626 Ladies Metro Stretch Shirt 3/4 Sleeve
BIZ-3629 Men's Metro Shirt - Short Sleeve
BIZ-3628 Men's Metro Shirt - Long Sleeve
BIZ-3616 Men's Boston Shirt - Long Sleeve
BIZ-3617 Ladies Boston Shirt - Long Sleeve
BIZ-3618 Ladies Boston Shirt - 3/4 Sleeve
BIZ-3620 Ladies New Yorker Shirt - 3/4 Sleeve
BIZ-3622 Mens New Yorker Shirt - Short Sleeve
BIZ-3619 Ladies New Yorker Shirt - Long Sleeve
BIZ-3621 Mens New Yorker Shirt - Long Sleeve
BIZ-3624 Mens Manhattan Striped Shirt
BIZ-3625 Ladies Manhattan Stretch Shirt - 3/4 Sle
BIZ-3631 Mens Micro Check Shirt - Short Sleeve
BIZ-3632 Ladies Micro Check Shirt - 3/4 Sleeve
BIZ-3630 Mens Micro Check Shirt - Long Sleeve
BIZ-3623 Mens Oxford Check Shirt - Long Sleeve