Cape Town Clothing has a range of sport clothing for all your sports wear.  We have a range of sport clothing for specific sports like soccer , rugby , netball , cricket , cycling and running. We also have a range of sport clothing that is not specific to a particular sport. We can also brand your team wear with your club badge using either embroidery , screen printing or heat transfer. We can also add sports numbers and players names , if required.

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Cape Town Clothing has a sports range for :

Soccer :

BRT352 League soccer vest

BRT360 Challenger Soccer t-shirt

BRT361 Challenger shorts

BRT373 Goalie t-shirt

BRT374 Goalie shorts

BRT379 Blade soccer single set of shorts and t-shirt

BRT380 Electric soccer t-shirt

BRT411 Match t-shirt

Rugby :

BRT396 Scrum shorts

BRU300 Players rugby shorts

BRT362 Pakari rugby jersey

BRT372 Tao rugby jersey

BRT397 Tarai rugby jersey

Cricket :

BRT501 Teamster cricket pants

BRT500 Teamster cricket shirt

Running :

BRT1400 Aero running shorts

BRT1300 Bolt running vest

Netball :

BR308 Evo hot pants

BRT371 Motion netball dress

BRT415 Kiddies Triflex single set netball top and skirt

BRT414 Triflex single set netball top and skirt

BRT382 NetballPlayers bib – set of 7

Cycling :

BRT426 Revolution cycling top

Clothing for all sports types :

Tracksuit :

BRT303 Reflect tracksuit

BRT315 Econo tracksuit

BRT387 Chrome tracksuit top

BRT368 Hydro tracksuit top

BRT420 Kids X-celerate tracksuit top

BRT417 X-celerate tracksuit top

BRT353 Champion tracksuit top

BRT388 Chrome tracksuit pants

BRT390 Crossover jogger

BRT354 Champion tracksuit pants

BRT421 X-celerate kids tracksuit pants

BRT418 X-celerate tracksuit pants


BRT325 Speedster long sleeve t-shirt

BRT327 Speedster short sleeve t-shirt

BRT356 Men's Signature long sleeve t-shirt

BRT364 Signature ladies long sleeve t-shirt

BRT369 Hydro short sleeve t-shirt

BRT410 Running t-shirt

BRT412 Kids running t-shirt

Golf shirt :

BRT301 Men's Reflect golf shirt

BRT316 Econo golf shirt

BRT324 Speedster golf shirt

BRT339 Champion golf shirt

BRT367 Hydro golf shirt

BRT378 Turbo golf shirt

BRT389 Chrome golf shirt

BRT423 Kids X-Celerate golf shirt

BRT442 X-Celerate golf shirt

Vest :

BRT305 Tech trainer vest

BRT370 Hydro vest

BRT328 Speedster vest

BRT348 Flex racerback vest

Tights :

BRT391Olympus tights

Jacket :

BRT309 Zone jacket

BRT395 Turbo jacket

BRT399 Chrome jacket

Hoodie :

BRT318 Performance hoodie

BRT394 Bolton hoodie

BRT413 Endurance sleeveless hoodie

socks :

BRT346 Pace sock

BRT304 Team sock

BRT398 Cast sock

Shorts :

BRT302 Reflect shorts

BRT314 Quad shorts

BRT317 Econo shorts

BRT323 Crossover shorts

BRT351 Ladies Reflect shorts

Balls for your sport :

ACE207 Acelli Arrow T45 V2 soccer ball

ACE202 Acelli Arrow M90 V2 soccer ball

BRU001 Brutal rugby ball – BC3 V2

BRU006 Brutal rugby ball – S001 V2

SEV003 Sevenn Miya classic V2 netball ball

SEV004 Sevenn Miya league V2 netball ball