Cape Town Clothing supplies and brands t-shirt. We have and extensive range of t-shirt to choose from and on this page you can see some of the styles in our range and also get links to our on line t-shirt catalogues. T-shirts are a great way to promote your brand. If you need t-shirt for a promotion , we have a selection of 140g and 145g t-shirt which are ideal for printing with your promotional message and logo. We also have 160g, 170g and 180g t-shirt which are ideal for use as corporate clothing or staff uniforms, as they are a much better quality and they are far more durable. In our t-shirt range you will also find 100% polyester t-shirt with moisture management fabrics that are ideal for sporting activity. Our range includes a selection of crew neck t-shirt as well as v-neck t-shirt and there is also a selection of  ladies t-shirt. We can either supply the t-shirt to you without and branding or we can brand the t-shirt using either screen printing , heat transfer or embroidery. When you have had a look through the range, tell us which t-shirt you like , how many you need and if you need branding, send us your branding specifications and we will quote accordingly.

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turquoise t-shirt


145g cotton Promotional t-shirt


Kids T-shirt


Some of the brands of T-shirts we stock :

Barron t-shirt

BRT t-shirt

HB t-shirt

Ultimate T t-shirt

Altitude t-shirt

US Basics t-shirt

BIZ Collection t-shirt

BIZ Cool t-shirt

Slazenger t-shirt

RENZO t-shirt

Einstein t-shirt

ISISS t-shirt

JT's t-shirt

These T-shirts include :

TST135B 135g Barron Polyester t-shirt

TST145B 145g Barron Crew Neck t-shirt

TST160B 160g Barron Crew Neck t-shirt

TST160L 160g Baroness Ladies t-shirt

TST170B 170g Barron Combed Cotton Crew Neck t-shirt 

TST180B 180g Barron Crew Neck t-shirt

TS-P Barron Power t-shirt

TSV180V 180g Barron V-Neck t-shirt

170SFV 170g Slim Fit V-Neck t-shirt

TSV190 190g Ladies V-neck t-shirt

TSC190 190g Ladies Crew Neck t-shirt

L-V 210g Ladies Vest

L-R 210g Ladies Racer Back

TSL135B 135g Barron Long Sleeve Polyester t-shirt

TSL220 220g Ladies Stretch Long Sleeve t-shirt

TSL170B 170g Barron Long Sleeve t-shirt

TSL145b 145g Long Sleeve t-shirt

TSS160B 160g Supporter t-shirt

TST-SLUB Men's Slub V Neck t-Shirt

TSL-SLUB Ladies Slub V Neck t-shirt

TST-MEL Men's Melange Crew Neck t-shirt

TSL-MEL Ladies Melange Crew Neck T-shirt

Cape Town Clothing can supply all the t-shirts in the Barron Active Wear clothing range.

These Active Wear T-shirts include :

SP-TOR Tornado Shirt

SP-TEC Mens Techno Soccer Shirt

LSP-TEC Ladies Techno Soccer Shirt

SP-VIC Victory Shirt

SP-SON Sonic Shirt

STO Storm Shirt

SP-VIS Vision Soccer Shirt

SP-KIN Kinetic Shirt

SP-VEL Velocity Shirt

SP-REF Reflex Shirt

SP-ST Striker Long Sleeve t-shirt

Cape Town Clothing can supply all the t-shirts in the Promogifts clothing range.

These T-shirts include the US BASICS t-shirts....

BAS-4575 150g cotton Super Club 150 Kids t-shirt

BAS-3000 135g Super Club 135 t-shirts

BAS-4757 150g Kids Super Club t-shirt

BAS-4770 165g Super Club 165 t-shirt

BAS-3432 180g Super Club 180 t-shirt

BAS-901 200g Ladies Lanai Spaghetti Top

BAS-900 200g Ladies Maui Racerback Top

BAS-801 200g Ladies Hawaii Top

BAS-3402 125g 100% Polyester Mens Striker cool fit t-shirt

BAS-3403 125g 100% Polyester Ladies Striker cool fit t-shirt

BAS-802 150g Mens Adelaide contrast t-shirt

BAS-4763 150g Mens Chicago t-shirt

BAS-800 160g Mens Long Sleeve Portland t-shirt

BAS-7750 160g Ladies Long Sleeve Portland t-shirt

And the BIZ t-shirts .........

BIZ-7102 145g 100% Polyester Kids Sprint t-shirt

BIZ 7100 145g 100% Polyester Mens Sprint t-shirt

BIZ-7101 145g 100% Polyester Ladies Sprint t-shirt

BIZ-3615 185g 100% Polyester Mens Flash t-shirt

As well as the Slazenger t-shirts ........

SLAZ-801 180g Mens Stripe t-shirt

SLAZ-3204 185g Mens Apex t-shirt

SLAZ-802 200g Mens V-neck Vitality t-shirt

SLAZ-3228 180g Mens Vista t-shirt


These include brands like

HB and Ultimate T

CTH101 and CTH201 145g Classic Cotton t-shirt

CTA102 and CTA202 150g Super Cotton t-shirts

LTL1 150g Ladies Fashion Fit t-shirt

CTL1 150g Fashion Fit t-shirt

CTA105 and CTA205 170g Combed Cotton Long Sleeve t-shirt

CTA103 and CTA204 170g Combed Cotton t-shirt

CTA106 and CTA206 190g Super Cotton t-shirt

MMT4 - Classic Sports t-shirt

LTB3 195g Ladies V-neck t-shirt

CTV1 and CTV2 170g Classic V-neck t-shirt

LVC201 165g Ladies Tank Top

LRB1 195g Ladies Racerback Top

CTF3 150g Edge t-shirt

CTF4 150g Raglan Trim t-shirt

KCT102 and KCT202 150g Youth Super Cotton t-shirts

These t-shirts include :

PRT 135g Promo-T

WOO145g Kidz Woody t-shirt

GTS 140g Kids Game t-shirt

NAT 180g Cotton/Spandex Natalie Vest

VCT 180g Combed cotton Victor Vest

ALX 180g Cotton/Spandex Alex t-shirt

JOD 180g Cotton/Spandex Jody Ladies t-shirt

BSS 160g Mens Basic cotton t-shirt

LSS160g Ladies Basic cotton t-shirt

BOS 180g Mens Basic t-shirt

BLO 180g Mens Basic long sleeve t-shirt

BSL 180g Ladies Basic t-shirt

VSL 160g Ladies V-neck t-shirt

LSS 180g Ladies Basic long sleeve t-shirt

BPE 145g Basic 100% Polyester t-shirt

200g Poly/Spandex Long Sleeve Body Shield

BRI 165g Bright-T V-neck t-shirt

CON 160g Contrast t-shirt

NAT Natalie Ladies Vest

CNS 165g Short Sleeve Crew Neck T-shirt

CON 160g Contrast-T

ZOL 130g Polyester Zola Ladies Vest (racer back)

GTS 140g Polyester Kidz Game T-shirt

DOD Dodge Long Sleeve T-shirt

JRV 140g Polyestester Joshua Running Vest

RAG Raglan t-shirt

JOD 180g Jody Cotton/Spandex ladies t-shirt

ALX 180g Alex Cotton/Spandex mens t-shirt

MUS Muscle Hugger t-shirt

SAS 180g cotton/spandex Sasha Ladies t-shirt

VES Mens Vest

MOI 150g Polyester Moisture-T t-shirt

TEC 150g Polyester Techno-T t-shirt

COO 150g polyester Cool-T t-shirt

TAI 140g Polyester Trainer Long Sleeve-T t-shirt

FUN 190g cotton Funky-T t-shirt

TRT 145g Polyester Tri-T t-shirt

RTK polycotton Kids SA Rugby Basic t-shirt

RTM 180g Polycotton Gents SA Rugby Basic t-shirt

RTL 180g Polycotton Ladies SA Rugby Basic t-shirt

TRY Mens Trinity t-shirt

BOD 200g Poly/spandex Bodyshield