Cape Town Clothing supplies and brands t-shirt. We have and extensive range of t-shirts to choose from and on this page you can see some of the styles in our range and also get links to our on line t-shirt catalogues. T-shirts are a great way to promote your brand. if you need t-shirts for a promotion , we have a selection of 140g and 145g t-shirts which are ideal for printing with your promotional message and logo. We also have 160g, 170g and 180g t-shirts which are ideal for use as corporate clothing or staff uniforms, as they are a much better quality and they are far more durable. In our t-shirt range you will also find 100% polyester t-shirts with moisture management fabrics that are ideal for sporting activity. Our range includes a selection of crew neck t-shirt as well as v-neck t-shirt and there is also a selection of  ladies t-shirt. We can either supply the t-shirts to you without and branding or we can brand the t-shirts using either screen printing , heat transfer or embroidery. When you have had a look through the range, tell us which t-shirt you like , how many you need and if you need branding, send us your branding specifications and we will quote accordingly.

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turquoise t-shirt


145g cotton Promotional t-shirt


Kids T-shirts


Some of the brands of T-shirts we stock :

Barron t-shirts

BRT t-shirts

HB t-shirts

Ultimate T t-shirts

Altitude t-shirts

US Basics t-shirts

BIZ Collection t-shirts

BIZ Cool t-shirts

Slazenger t-shirts

RENZO t-shirts

Einstein t-shirts

ISISS t-shirts

JT's t-shirts

These T-shirts include :

TST135B 135g Barron Polyester t-shirt

TST145B 145g Barron Crew Neck t-shirt

TST160B 160g Barron Crew Neck t-shirt

TST160L 160g Baroness Ladies t-shirt

TST170B 170g Barron Combed Cotton Crew Neck t-shirt 

TST180B 180g Barron Crew Neck t-shirt

TS-P Barron Power t-shirt

TSV180V 180g Barron V-Neck t-shirt

170SFV 170g Slim Fit V-Neck t-shirt

TSV190 190g Ladies V-neck t-shirt

TSC190 190g Ladies Crew Neck t-shirt

L-V 210g Ladies Vest

L-R 210g Ladies Racer Back

TSL135B 135g Barron Long Sleeve Polyester t-shirt

TSL220 220g Ladies Stretch Long Sleeve t-shirt

TSL170B 170g Barron Long Sleeve t-shirt

TSL145b 145g Long Sleeve t-shirt

TSS160B 160g Supporter t-shirt

TST-SLUB Men's Slub V Neck t-Shirt

TSL-SLUB Ladies Slub V Neck t-shirt

TST-MEL Men's Melange Crew Neck t-shirt

TSL-MEL Ladies Melange Crew Neck T-shirt


These Active Wear T-shirts include :

SP-TOR Tornado Shirt

SP-TEC Mens Techno Soccer Shirt

LSP-TEC Ladies Techno Soccer Shirt

SP-VIC Victory Shirt

SP-SON Sonic Shirt

STO Storm Shirt

SP-VIS Vision Soccer Shirt

SP-KIN Kinetic Shirt

SP-VEL Velocity Shirt

SP-REF Reflex Shirt

SP-ST Striker Long Sleeve t-shirt

These T-shirts include the US BASICS t-shirts....

BAS-4575 150g cotton Super Club 150 Kids t-shirt

BAS-3000 135g Super Club 135 t-shirts

BAS-4757 150g Kids Super Club t-shirt

BAS-4770 165g Super Club 165 t-shirt

BAS-3432 180g Super Club 180 t-shirt

BAS-901 200g Ladies Lanai Spaghetti Top

BAS-900 200g Ladies Maui Racerback Top

BAS-801 200g Ladies Hawaii Top

BAS-3402 125g 100% Polyester Mens Striker cool fit t-shirt

BAS-3403 125g 100% Polyester Ladies Striker cool fit t-shirt

BAS-802 150g Mens Adelaide contrast t-shirt

BAS-4763 150g Mens Chicago t-shirt

BAS-800 160g Mens Long Sleeve Portland t-shirt

BAS-7750 160g Ladies Long Sleeve Portland t-shirt

And the BIZ t-shirts .........

BIZ-7102 145g 100% Polyester Kids Sprint t-shirt

BIZ 7100 145g 100% Polyester Mens Sprint t-shirt

BIZ-7101 145g 100% Polyester Ladies Sprint t-shirt

BIZ-3615 185g 100% Polyester Mens Flash t-shirt

As well as the Slazenger t-shirts ........

SLAZ-801 180g Mens Stripe t-shirt

SLAZ-3204 185g Mens Apex t-shirt

SLAZ-802 200g Mens V-neck Vitality t-shirt

SLAZ-3228 180g Mens Vista t-shirt


These include brands like

HB and Ultimate T

CTH101 and CTH201 145g Classic Cotton t-shirt

CTA102 and CTA202 150g Super Cotton t-shirts

LTL1 150g Ladies Fashion Fit t-shirt

CTL1 150g Fashion Fit t-shirt

CTA105 and CTA205 170g Combed Cotton Long Sleeve t-shirt

CTA103 and CTA204 170g Combed Cotton t-shirt

CTA106 and CTA206 190g Super Cotton t-shirt

MMT4 - Classic Sports t-shirt

LTB3 195g Ladies V-neck t-shirt

CTV1 and CTV2 170g Classic V-neck t-shirt

LVC201 165g Ladies Tank Top

LRB1 195g Ladies Racerback Top

CTF3 150g Edge t-shirt

CTF4 150g Raglan Trim t-shirt

KCT102 and KCT202 150g Youth Super Cotton t-shirts

These t-shirts include :

PRT 135g Promo-T

WOO145g Kidz Woody t-shirt

GTS 140g Kids Game t-shirt

NAT 180g Cotton/Spandex Natalie Vest

VCT 180g Combed cotton Victor Vest

ALX 180g Cotton/Spandex Alex t-shirt

JOD 180g Cotton/Spandex Jody Ladies t-shirt

BSS 160g Mens Basic cotton t-shirt

LSS160g Ladies Basic cotton t-shirt

BOS 180g Mens Basic t-shirt

BLO 180g Mens Basic long sleeve t-shirt

BSL 180g Ladies Basic t-shirt

VSL 160g Ladies V-neck t-shirt

LSS 180g Ladies Basic long sleeve t-shirt

BPE 145g Basic 100% Polyester t-shirt

200g Poly/Spandex Long Sleeve Body Shield

BRI 165g Bright-T V-neck t-shirt

CON 160g Contrast t-shirt

NAT Natalie Ladies Vest

CNS 165g Short Sleeve Crew Neck T-shirt

CON 160g Contrast-T

ZOL 130g Polyester Zola Ladies Vest (racer back)

GTS 140g Polyester Kidz Game T-shirt

DOD Dodge Long Sleeve T-shirt

JRV 140g Polyestester Joshua Running Vest

RAG Raglan t-shirt

JOD 180g Cotton/Spandex Jody Ladies t-shirt

ALX 180g Cotton/Spandex Alex Mens t-shirt

MUS Muscle Hugger t-shirt

SAS 180g cotton/spandex Sasha Ladies t-shirt

VES Mens Vest

MOI 150g Polyester Moisture-T t-shirt

TEC 150g Polyester Techno-T t-shirt

COO 150g polyester Cool-T t-shirt

TAI 140g Polyester Trainer Long Sleeve-T t-shirt

FUN 190g cotton Funky-T t-shirt

TRT 145g Polyester Tri-T t-shirt

RTK polycotton Kids SA Rugby Basic t-shirt

RTM 180g Polycotton Gents SA Rugby Basic t-shirt

RTL 180g Polycotton Ladies SA Rugby Basic t-shirt

TRY Mens Trinity t-shirt

BOD 200g Poly/spandex Bodyshield

Cape Town Clothing supplies a wide range of corporate clothing and promotional clothing including chef wear like apron and chef jacket. Work wear like conti suit overall. For the office we have ladies blouse and men's shirt , golf shirt , hoodie , jacket and t-shirt. We also have a selection of hat , cap and beanie. We also offer a branding service with embroidery and screen printing being the most popular. We supply most major cities in South Africa including Cape Town , Johannesburg , Pretoria and Durban. Cape Town Clothing | Golf Shirt | t-shirt | Jacket | Embroidery | Cap | Hat