Cape Town Clothing has a wide range of workwear for a variety of different work environments. There is a High Visibilty Workwear range for when it is important to be seen and this range includes High Visibility T-Shirts , High Visibility Golf Shirts in both short sleeve as well as long sleeve, High Visibility Shirts ,High Visibility Bibs , High Visibility Waistcoats, a wide range of High Visibility Jackets and High Visibility Bodywarmers as well as  High Visibility Rain Suits. There is also the Overall range of workwear which includes Conti Suits and Dust Coats, A Medical Workwear range which includes medical Scrubs and Lab Coats and a Chef Wear range which includes Chef Jackets , Chef Pants and also Chef Hats as well as a good selection of aprons. Our workwear range also includes Safety Shoes and Safety Boots and there is also a range of Clothing for the Security industry including Short Sleeve Shirts with epaulettes and Long Sleeve Shirts with epaulettes. Cape Town Clothing offers a supply and branding service on our workwear range.

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